MSA Offroad Wheels M21 Lok Beadlock


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Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Price
M21-04010 CHARCOAL TINT 14 10 4x110.00 -10 $328 Add To Cart
M21-04037 CHARCOAL TINT 14 10 4x137.00 -10 $328 Add To Cart
M21-04056 CHARCOAL TINT 14 10 4x156.00 -10 $328 Add To Cart
M21-04710 CHARCOAL TINT 14 7 4x110.00 0 $284 Add To Cart
M21-04737 CHARCOAL TINT 14 7 4x137.00 0 $284 Add To Cart
M21-04756 CHARCOAL TINT 14 7 4x156.00 0 $284 Add To Cart
M21-05710 CHARCOAL TINT 15 7 4x110.00 0 $308 Add To Cart
M21-05737 CHARCOAL TINT 15 7 4x137.00 0 $308 Add To Cart
M21-05756 CHARCOAL TINT 15 7 4x156.00 0 $308 Add To Cart
M21-06737 CHARCOAL TINT 16 7 4x137.00 0 $353 Add To Cart
M21-06756 CHARCOAL TINT 16 7 4x156.00 0 $353 Add To Cart

The M21 Lok is beauty, function and performance all engineered to push your machine to the next level.  Each M21 Lok wheel comes with all of the necessary parts to professionally lock any tire to your wheels, ensuring a safe and quality ride.  What makes this beadlock UTV wheel different from the rest is because of a couple unique MSA attributes. The finish we used on this wheel is a gunmetal, which is actually a dark tinted clear-coat that is overlaid on top of the micro-machined wheel face.  The Gunmetal finish is accented with gloss black automotive grade paint, only offered by MSA.  The unique M21 Lok wheel design sheds weight, dirt, mud and debris fast, making clean up a snap.  Racer proven, ride ready. Backed by a full lifetime structural warranty, you bend it or break it, we replace it.  

Each Wheel Includes  Billet ring, 16 bolts, 16 washers, 1 center cap, 2 cap bolts.
Available Wheel Sizes  14x7, 14x10, 15x7, 16x7
Available Bolt Pattern(s)  4x110 | 4×137 | 4×156
Wheel Offset(s)  +0mm (4+3) 
Wheel Finish  Gunmetal and Gloss Black Paint
Ring Finish Satin Black
Wheel Cap  Gloss Black MSA-CAP-B (Bolt-on)
Warranty  Lifetime Structural | One-Year on Finish

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